Sunday, August 23, 2009


Semiotics is the relationship between a sign and how that sign is interpreted be people. Wether we're looking at a picture or reading text we see signs everywhere. Tattoos are an interesting thing that comes to mind when thinking of semiotics. You can look at a person that has gotten a lot of tattoos and judge them by the whole picture you think they're portraying or you can look more closely at each one and think of the story behind each decision they've made about what they wanted to get and why they wanted to get it and how they think people are going to understand each one of them... not necessarily that they're concerned with how people are going to understand them, but they do convey a message - whatever it might be.


  1. Yes, tattoos are very interesting. You can look at them on several levels. First there is the image of the tattoo itself, with all of its meanings and connections. Second is the fact that it is a tattoo on a person's body and all of what it means just to have a tattoo. Lots of little meanings too with where it is on your body or the color etc. . .
    Is there a GATM course on Tattoos?

  2. No, there isn't. We've never discussed tattoos in any of my GATM classes.