Sunday, August 23, 2009


Semiotics is the relationship between a sign and how that sign is interpreted be people. Wether we're looking at a picture or reading text we see signs everywhere. Tattoos are an interesting thing that comes to mind when thinking of semiotics. You can look at a person that has gotten a lot of tattoos and judge them by the whole picture you think they're portraying or you can look more closely at each one and think of the story behind each decision they've made about what they wanted to get and why they wanted to get it and how they think people are going to understand each one of them... not necessarily that they're concerned with how people are going to understand them, but they do convey a message - whatever it might be.


On Friday, I not only learned about the brush and pens and things I'm going to need for this class but I also learned how signs can be conveyed in so many different ways. For the most part, it is difficult to get every person to understand the same meaning of any particular sign in any form it might be in. People perceive things in so many different ways. When asked to draw an eye/I... every single person drew something different and each of those drawing could be read in a different way. It's very interesting how each person can think so differently from the person sitting right next to them. Friday was a lesson in disparities for me.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Graduating in December

My major is Graphic Arts Technology Management, and this will be my last semester at UCM. The only classes I need for my major to graduate that I'm currently enrolled in are Color Science (GRAP 4038), Intro to Commercial Art (This Class), and my Senior Seminar in Graphic Arts (GRAP 4095). I transferred to UCM as a junior so instead of utilizing my last semester and getting as much industry experience as possible, I'm forced to take the required general education classes that I "need" to graduate...such as: American Literature - 1865 to present (ENGL 2205), History - 1877 to present (HIST 1351), and Ideas and the Visual Arts (ART 1800). I'm excited for this semester to be over and will be moving to Chicago preferrably by January 1st.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009